Important Facts About Custom Challenge Coins

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One of the traditions in the military that is still being followed up to now is to give away custom challenge coins as a gift of loyalty, respect, honor and gratitude. There have been many stories from where the use of these coins started, and most of the stories dated back to the First World War. A lot of the stories seemed to have happened, but the real story is yet to be determined.

Different Names For Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins have been used for a long time and are known under different names as well. They can be called military coins, commander’s coins, unit coins, squadron’s coins or memorial coins.

What Are These Challenge Coins For?

A way to show affiliation, support, respect, honour, and gratitude is to give custom challenge coins. When a soldier reaches a certain point in his military career, as a gift to congratulate him, this coin is awarded to him. Challenge coins are also given out as means of uplifting the morale of a soldier before he is deployed out on the field. Unit leaders can also use this as a way to show that he appreciates and respects a member of his troop.


Once a soldier is given a challenge coin, the commander or whoever has presented him with it will expect him to carry it all the time. When a soldier brings his challenge coin around, it can be either inside a pocket or in some cases, it is worn around his neck.

How Much Do These Coins Cost?

Depending on the purpose of the custom challenge coins, they can be of a simple, inexpensive design or an expensive one with very intricate and complicated design. Some of the expensive custom challenge coins would have precious stones added to the design which is immediately visible at the face of the coin. When making a challenge coin, different kinds of metals can be used to become the base of it: gold, silver, nickel or copper. When a challenge coin is made from gold, it is often given out as the highest kind of reward possible.

What Is The Military Coin Challenge Game?

Soldiers usually practice a game using their military coins and this game became a tradition. It is known that all coin bearers would need to bring their challenge coins all the time and this game is usually practiced whenever it is applicable. Whenever a game started, it should be followed with no exceptions. This game is used in order to know who has their challenge coins and who doesn’t.

The Rules For The Game Involving Challenge Coins Are:

1.A soldier must pull out and show his own challenge coin and must clearly announce that a challenge coin check will start.

2.Once the challenge coin check has started, everyone present must be able to present their coins.

3.If a person is found not to have his challenge coin with him, he must buy a round of drinks for those who were able to bring their coins.

4.If everyone present were able to bring out their challenge coins, the person who made the challenge must buy a round of drinks for everyone who participated.

5.If ever a person refuses to join the game or buy a round of drinks, regardless if he didn’t bring his coin or if he is the challenger, a punishment will be set for that person.

Whether the soldiers are relaxing in a restaurant, at a bar, or even out on the field, a challenge game can be started. This is considered as a special event among military personnel.

Challenge coins are not only for a collection and just left in one location; they serve as means of boosting a person’s morale and they also serve as signs to show respect.

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